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Hello and welcome. My name is Sandy. I’m a writer based in Toronto, Canada. I live with my musical husband and our cute cat. I order take-out several times a week and don’t feel bad about it. I love artichokes. My day job is writing for magazines and blogs and creating “boom-pow!” bios for websites of small businesses and entrepreneurs. My night job is telling stories on this blog and thinking of ways to be richer than Oprah. I like to talk to strangers and travel solo when the opportunity is there. Some people think that’s strange, but others think it’s healthy – I think it’s the perfect mixture of both. I taught yoga for many years and once upon a time was a personal trainer. I used to be that annoying 23-year old fitness instructor who would yell “You can do it!”. Oh, regrets. For a few years, I was an editor at a major women’s fitness magazine. I now know 238 ways to work your glutes. I’ve interviewed the world’s fittest models and can assure you, yes, they really look like that in real life. I used to think that blogging was narcissistic, but now I see that it’s the perfect place to leave the stories that don’t have a home in magazines. I love that I can put them somewhere. This is just a blog. No fancy giveaways or shots of my lipstick shade or how trendy my wardrobe is. I guess you can call this a writer’s log, but my hope is that you might relate to something or feel inspired or connected..and then share it. Or at least I hope reading my words will help you waste time at your job. I hear my blog goes well with coffee. But tea drinkers are welcome. I’m small but mighty and more sensitive than I’ll ever admit. Thank you for getting to the end of this ridiculously long and grammatically shameful paragraph. If you’d like to reach me, email sandybmedia (@) gmail (.) com



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  1. Sandy,

    Please, please PLEASE have your aunt post a tutorial on youtube or at the very least a step by step blog on how she did the laptop cake. I’d like info on the briefcase and mug too but that’s optional; I really want to make this cake for my husband’ birthday party and hers is the best I’ve seen by far!


  2. I’am post this here for a little visibility.

    After the resent events, that I’am not entirely proud of, I’am having a lot of Should a, Could a, Would a’s. But I can’t go back. By now you must feel like I’am an animal, Look, Iam not. What I am is a good listener. An sometimes things just sound right. When I started this upheaval serval months ago I thought this may be the end result. Well I’ve found what i was looking for with a heavy heart, as I thought our last 2-3 years was good. Full of fun an honest relationship. So i won’t be bothering you. My hunches an forethought wear right on. At the cost of my heart an yours I’ am sure. So, I not casting judgment, or looking back, but i think you better look forward. I have no regrets or remorse. I love you!!

    Good luck Sandra M. Bailey.

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  4. Hey there! Stumbled upon your blog. Thinking about taking Creative Writing at U of T. How are you liking it so far? I’ve finally looked myself in the mirror and said “you gotta do this”. Good on you for doing it. Any thoughts on the course? All the best.

  5. Sandy :) I have been taking some time for myself, clearing my mind to finally decide what I want to do as a career. One thing is for sure, I love photography!! ♥ But, I have had a lot of people telling me that photography should be a hobby rather than a career, as it’s really challenging to be an entrepreneur and sometimes not even worth the trouble. So, for longer than I am proud to say I have pondered whether I should follow my dream or super glue myself behind a desk, doing something I barely care about, to bring the bacon home. In the mean time… I have been doing the thing with the desk and the absurdly boring job, because a girl has to earn an income.. but today, whilst having a chat, with a friend, about how unfitting I think my current job is for me, I wondered what I would be good at. I brain stormed for a bit and finally googled:” Working at a magazine” .. Wow, I was swept off my feet by one of your posts from around two years ago: “Things I learned at 29: how to work at a magazine” .. I read it, loved it, printed it out and will now read it every time I feel a little unmotivated. You are great girly! I would love to write, might just start with a blog though. As for photography.. bring on any challenge, baby, I am following my dream! ♥ P.S. I know , I know, I just about wrote an essay.

    • Hello “Dreamer”

      Wow, what a wonderful comment to find on my blog just now, thank you! I no longer write on this blog, but every so often I do check in. I’m honored you found my post about magazine writing helpful – that’s exactly why I write.

      The thing that I’ve always tried to tell myself is to consider the “source” when I get advice from someone – are they happy? Do they care if I am? What do they know about following dreams and making them goals? What’s their track record? My point is that I no longer take advice from those who don’t represent what I’m after. In your case, try to surround yourself with other creative people, especially those who make a living at their craft. I promise you, it’s possible.

      Is it hard to be an entrepreneur? Sure. Everyday is a challenge and a hustle. But that makes the achievement so much sweeter, this I can promise you.

      Starting a blog is a great idea. Do so with pure intention of simply sharing your work – the readers will come, eventually, and even if they don’t you will have a portfolio to launch a new career from. You’re on the right track, now just don’t get off!

      All the best to you, Dreamer.


    • Jeremy, thanks so much for your comment. Always happy to know what I write appeals to males, too. why discriminate, right?

      I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be to move across the world that way. I’d be totally stressed. Good luck settling in. Also, I checked out your blog to see who this mysterious male reader was and, behold, a fellow audiophile (not me, my husband. I sent him your link!)

      Thanks for reading,


  6. Thoroughly enjoy your blog…it’s almost like my daily coffee ;)

    I can’t find anyway to contact you on our blog except this ‘leave-a-comment’ section. And maybe that’s the point :)

    Anyways, would you care to share your email?

    • Oh yes, of course! It’s along the right side of the blog (I think?) but here it is anyway: originalsandyb {at} gmail {dot} com… drop me a line anytime and thank you for the wonderful compliment!

  7. Just came across your blog today and I think it’s awesome! When I was in my late 20′s, I realized that I kept joking about “what I wanted to be when I grew up” and when I actually stopped and listened to myself, I realized it wasn’t a joke – I really had no clue what I was doing with my life! So, I’m working on my life list too :) can’t wait to follow along with yours!

    • Thank you so much, for stopping in and for the wonderful comment. Same thing happened to me! …I woke up one day and thought, ‘Girl, get a move on!” And then this blog was born.

  8. Hey I just found my way onto your blog, and I really like what you’re talking about. I am 28, and pretty much always ask myself what I am doing with my life. It can become a stressful question, so it’s great to read along with your thoughts on the turning 30 matter.
    Glad I found this!

  9. It sounds like we are kindred spirits, you and I…

    I am excited to have found your blog and I shall be adding you to my regular stalking, errr, reading….

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  11. can’t wait to follow you on the your reinvention.. but a must do, right now, is skydive! I did it over a year ago and can not wait to do it again!! Pay the extra $$ for the still pics and video- its sooo worth it!!!!
    if you are ever down in so cal, let me know and I will jump with you :)

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