Midnight in Paris

This is what Paris looks like at midnight.


And this.

After couple of glasses of wine on Thursday night, I decided that taking the last boat tour out of Pont Neuf would be fun (when I told Rob later, he seriously disagreed…. “Are you nuts?! Midnight!?“) Poor guy with the crazy wife.

Rest assured, I came back to my little apartment in one piece (a hangover slowly building).


The city is so different at night. Other-world like.

After running from my apartment for 7 minutes to the boat tour (and talking to a woman about perfume and where to get a good interview on the topic) I missed the boat by one small minute.

So I wouldn’t cry, I started to laugh hysterically (but this isn’t a picture of that – above).


I decided right then and there, why waste the night? So I walked.

The city comes alive in a whole new way after midnight.

Accidentally, I made my way to the Louvre. I say “accidentally” because I didn’t intend to go there, but I just kept walking and walking until eventually I saw the famous pyramid….


And then a couple walking hand in hand (forgive me for the fuzziness…. my camera is only so-so in the dark); they were strolling through the courtyard, the look of “newly married” on their faces.

Ah, to be wed in a city like Paris.


Off topic, but earlier that day, I saw this bride (above) freshly married and ordering a snack at a brasserie near Notre Dame. I couldn’t resist.

Hey, a girl’s gotta eat.

Anyway, this post has no real function or purpose or meaning or anything like that, other than to share with you my experience of midnight… in Paris.

(ps, just three more days left).