You don’t know unless you ask.

[UPDATE, UPDATE!] Well, I think this categorically makes me somewhat of a douchebag, because the nominations for the 2010 Weblog Awards (aka: “Bloggies”) closed last night at 11PM EST; approximately one hour before I put out my little S.O.S. to all you wonderful people. My bad, to say the least.

However, no regrets here at all- one year ago (heck, six months ago!) I wouldn’t have even considered asking for what I want, so this, by all accounts, is improvement, 10-fold.

Thank you, anyway, for your terrific support and encouragement! Luckily, I did manage to cast my own nominations last night, for my favorite blogs. My fingers and toes are crossed indefinitely for their success! Best of luck bloggers!



So, I’ve pondered this for about a week now.

In the spirit of pursuing the things I want this year and not being afraid to, well, just ask, I’m putting out a request to be considered for your nomination for the 2010 Weblog Awards. (Yes, you read that right, friends).

These are the most widely known and coveted blog awards in the ‘sphere to date. They started 10 years ago and have helped give some of the very blogs you know and love the attention they deserve. A bump, if you will. It’s wonderful exposure to new readers and to other bloggers. Best part? The nominations and judging are all peer-driven. Fabulous.

So what are my chances? Pretty slim, I’m sure. I’m still a new kid on the block. That said, if you’re up for contributing a nomination or two, I like to offer myself as “Best Canadian Blog”, because I live in Canada and all.

Thank you, in advance, for your nods. High fives all around.



Me, pondering.