sunday night chatter.

(what i figured out in 2010) -

I do, have and will continue to make excuses from time to time, about the reasons why “I can’t”. We all do it, despite our best efforts. So, I figure the best I can do, since I’m going to make excuses anyway, is work at proving my excuses wrong.

A year ago I told myself that I had taken more than a few wrong turns these last few years since graduating university – whether or not I am right is irrelevant. What matters is that I don’t think that anymore. So being wrong was right. (that’s not supposed to sound like secret code, sorry).

I think that failure at new endeavors, big ideas that turn out to be brain farts or passing on golden opportunities that could have accelerated your career are ways we try getting closer to the things we desire. Sometimes we miss, sure, but at least we missed while trying to prove our excuses wrong. And, by default, that kind of courage can’t be faulted.

Fail often; fail smartly; fail gracefully – that’s my mantra for the remainder of 2010 (but I don’t plan on chanting it or anything.  it’s just a thought).

*While looking back at a few photos I have on Facebook, I came across this one realized it was taken about a year ago, right around this time. I love when that happens – when you look at the a photo around the anniversary of when it was taken. …something special.

This photo was snapped at a very confusing time in my life – a necessary time, but an uncomfortable one nonetheless. But now I sit here looking at it, and realize that this photo was also taken at a time when things started to change for me, and head in a really good direction.  I’m glad I have a snap shot of that time saved on the blog.