“Ring the bells that still can ring…”

A long time ago, someone used the information I shared on this blog for personal gain and stupidity. Not long after, I caught on and addressed it. Like, really, really addressed it. And I’m happy I did.

And now that all the weirdness and intensity resulting from that is behind me, I feel like I want to share things on a blog again, keep better track of my thoughts; I no longer choose to feel awkward about sharing my words.

After some exhaustive thinking, I made some decisions that have been serving me well over the last few months. And now it’s simply time to address the final decision and tell you that this is the last entry for this particular blog.

I’ve met wonderful people who met me through this blog; I landed great writing jobs because of the writing I was able to showcase here; more importantly though, this blog gave me an opportunity to practice what I know I was meant to do: make stories.

I will be starting another blog shortly and will post here only to share that information. I expect it will be in just a few weeks, before the end of the summer.

I hope supporters of my blog will read my posts again. But if not, thank you for doing so – whether it was once, twice or you read my posts weekly… thank you. Because a writer without an audience is just a crazy person with a bunch of things to say.

Talk soon,



-photo taken by Sabrina D, May 2010 on a flight from Toronto to New York; lyrics from “Anthem” by Leonard Cohen.


Quit being serious for a few minutes.

I’m switching magazines. It’s time. I’ve been buying a few that just aren’t doing it for me anymore – I’m bored with the content or have squashed the idea of writing for them, for now. I only read magazines I either a) want to write for; or b) write for. Wait, that’s not completely true. I get this magazine because I love the city and most of the writing. I haven’t written for this one, but I used to want to… until I heard what they pay writers. Now I’ve just lost interest. But I still read it because it comes to my door every month. So.

One of the magazines I’m going to be switching to is Inc. I don’t read it, but this morning this article hooked me: “7 Things Highly Productive People Do”. And you know what? Doing one thing at a time, and doing it well, ranks pretty high on the list of things productive people do. Oh, and it turns out that smoking pot doesn’t make you as dim as multitasking, so figure that one out.

If you have any good magazine subscriptions suggestions, I’m all ears.

I know I’ve mentioned this blog a lot, but Letters of Note is worth reading. Worth reading because you can take something away from everything on that blog, no matter what page you land on, which isn’t something we can say for a lot of blogs out there. Today’s letter especially couldn’t have come at a better time. (it sort of fits with the theme of my life lately, in certain areas of it, anyway). It’s a great read for anyone who has ever been judged based on something they can’t change, like race, eye color or gender. Oh, and if you’re still not convinced, the writer of this particular letter is Winston Churchill’s wife, Clementine. Her argument: Why women should be abolished.

Several bloggers have posted a link to a heartbreaking essay in the NYTimes last week called, “Knowing it’s the last Mother’s Day”. It’s absolutely beautiful. This is the type of story that leaves you changed when you read it. To be the writer must have been a wrenching and difficult experience, the kind of stuff writers live for… Only this writer’s story is about her friend, whom she lost to cancer and helped die gracefully, all while trying to find ways to talk to her dying friend’s children about what they were about to lose. Wow. Heavy topic, I know. But this writer’s experience ultimately drove her to create MomAlways.org, which is a resource for mother’s who, tragically, have to have those difficult conversations with their own children, about planning for Life After Mom. The article will take you less than five minutes to read, but the affects, I think, could last forever.




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Regret is good for you.

There is little I’ll believe these days without a little science or proof to back it up. I’m not saying I don’t believe in magic (it sounds sad not to), I’m just saying that, hey, in my opinion, if you can’t find a trail leading to the answer, be suspicious.

Be very, very suspicious.

So, since I spent a good chunk of my twenties regretting almost every decision I ever made and wanting to crawl under a rock every time I was faced with a major decision, I find it interesting that scientists have proven that all that stress and self-loathing might actually be good for you. Honestly, this could revolutionize your 20s. But, I don’t know. Have a read yourself.

You won’t regret it.



image by Chris Gash for The New York Times.