What your habits are saying about you.

Ok, so I once read that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I tried to write a story about that a few years ago for a magazine, but couldn’t find why that number of days – 21 – worked so well. Luckily, New York Times business reporter, Charles Duhigg, didn’t give up so easily.

He’s written a book about how to use habits to your advantage titled, The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business (Random House 2012).

Here’s a quick video about Duhigg’s research on habits, which he’s clearly become an expert on, through his years as a journalist for one of the biggest and most wildly-read papers on Earth.

Hm. If I wrote a book based on my expertise as a fitness reporter, it would probably be something like, “391 ways to work your gluteus maximus and still walk up the stairs” or 484 ways to prepare chicken before AND after your workout” or maybe a memoir called, “How working out and writing about working out can come ‘this close’ to making you cry”….

What would your “expert” book be about?

video via freshbooks.


9 thoughts on “What your habits are saying about you.

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  2. Did you consider “572 Ways to Make Chicken While Working Out”? ;-)

    For myself, I’d need top-up research, but something about cars. I would think of a programming manual, but I’d have to do a better job than John Barnes, and claiming to do that would be arrogant in the extreme.

    • Hmmm, now THAT’S a cook book! Cars, eh? My dad’s always been fascinated with them. There seems to be a culture of enthusiasts who are into more than just the “look” of a car, but also the mechanics and history of cars. That’s what I like to – not with cars, per se – but with any subject: getting the heart of the matter, the nuts and bolts, if you will.

      • Yeah, that the sort of thing I mean. Ok, I might consider “The Graphic Design of Racing Cars”, but that would be about discussing the history of their paint jobs, starting off with things like Ferrari Rosso Corsa, then going into stuff like Gulf Porsches, Martini (blue and red stripes on a white base; details vary), Jeff Gordon’s flames over blue Du Pont NASCARs, “King” Richard Petty’s blue evolving into STP blue and red…

        No-one has ever done that properly.

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